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How to get the best from your outdoor family photo shoot

Family Photography in Hampshire

There are a few factors to consider when booking your family photography session with Outside and Instant Photography

Who would you like to be included in your outdoor photoshoot?

Are you thinking of a children’s photoshoot or the full family? A family photo shoot is a great reason to get together or celebrate a special occasion. This will help you to decide the length of time to book with us. We offer two options our 30 minute photo shoot is ideal if it’s small children or we offer a one hour photo shoot ideal for families allowing enough time for a variety of poses and combinations of family members. Please note- currently due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic we can only offer photo shoots to a maximum of six people at a time. We will update on our social media if this changes.

When would you like to book your family photo shoot?

The time of year is important as the overall aesthetic of your images will change with the seasons, warm soft autumnal tones are coming at this time of year along with scrunchy leaves to play with. Spring and Summer photo shoots lead way to beautiful blossoms and blue skies for a fresh feel.

Where would you like your outdoor photo shoot to take place?

As you can imagine location is key for outdoor family photo shoot, we feel outdoors creates a much more relaxed setting than the studio. Children can be themselves, run around and play and you do not have to worry about posing unless you want too!

Living in Hampshire we have access to some great locations, living right by the coast and the countryside is amazing and we feel lucky to have great walks almost on our doorstep. Check for inspiration.

From time to time throughout the year we hire private locations, these have included sunflower fields at Sam’s Sunflowers at this is truly amazing site during the summer months. These are pre booked with limited availability, so best to book quick when these are announced on Facebook or Instagram.

What do you wear for your family photography session?

Your outfit choice is as important as the location, as you and your family are the main focus. This is even more important when there is multiple people to consider. Our best advice is to coordinate, don’t panic we are not expecting matching outfits like my mother dressed my sister and I in during the 80s. Have a unifying theme, the laid-back look of everyone wearing blue jeans and white tops works well, equally choosing to all wear a set colour within your individual outfits brings the image together. Neutral tones work well for autumn photo shoots. Winter & Autumn can always be fun with added hats & scarfs for a festive look.

To book a family photoshoot please get in touch by our social media or contact us here.

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