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Micro Weddings

With restrictions on weddings in place until Spring 2021, what does a micro wedding mean for you?

Couples are having to get creative and adapt their wedding day plans since limits were placed on large gatherings and physical contact were introduced back in March 2020, following news of the COVID19 pandemic creating havoc across the globe. The current limit is for 15 people for Wedding Ceremonies / civil partnerships and the reception celebrations (Taken from Guidance update from 28th September 2020). Both ceremonies and receptions must follow strict guidelines at COVID secure venues.

While many couples have taken the necessary steps to postpone their wedding plans to 2021 and beyond, for some this has been rescheduled multiple times. Other couples are adapting their existing plans to have a scaled back version of the wedding day they had originally planned. The wedding industry is seeing a rise in ‘micro weddings’ and this looks like it will be trending for the remainder of 2020 and beyond 2021.

What is a Micro wedding?

Typically, the term micro or small wedding is given to a wedding with less than 30 people in attendance. With the UKs average attendance at weddings at 82 for day guests and 103 for evening reception guest, taken from a survey by in 2019.

So if you’ve decided to go ahead with a scaled back micro wedding, do you choose an elopement wedding (assuming travel allows) to a beautiful destination, elopements aren’t just for Gretna Green! a couple only wedding or a small wedding with up to 15 in attendance.

If you opt for the latter, how on earth do you pick who makes the guest list? A good starting point is to consider those you feel you could not get married without them being present, besides your partner of course. There are other ways you can share your wedding day, with live zooms calls or hiring a videographer to capture and stream your ceremony so your loved ones can join in or watch later.

There are benefits to having a smaller wedding, with less people and price per head you can afford to splash out on a more luxurious offering. Being able to upgrade or by adding courses to the meal, champagne instead of wine will make the occasion even more special. You can really tailor your day to you own tastes and styles. Smaller numbers may even open the possibilities of venues, favourite locations and restaurants you may have otherwise not considered being available, the options are endless. Wedding venues are now offering new packages for smaller intimate weddings too.

Some traditional aspects may seem unnecessary with the number of guests you may or may not have in attendance, like the throwing of the bouquet and other aspects like DJs not permitted. There are some aspects you should keep, making a list of them and what you both want would help prepare for a micro wedding of your dreams.

The latest guidance states the photographer does not count in the numbers that make up the wedding. At Outside and Instant Photography, we have always offered different packages to suit the differing needs of our couples. Our ceremony wedding photography package is perfect for the scaled back wedding day. Providing coverage of your arrival, the ceremony and afterwards for a personalised photo shoot. We are always happy to discuss your day your way. Micro weddings are not for everyone but can be just as fabulous and produce amazing memories. You can always celebrate with a reception party later. Who would not love to wear their dress twice?

Contact us to find out out how we can help create your perfect micro wedding.

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